This fundraising page is here to show people how the money gathered from fundraising events is spent.

New spectator stands

Due to our promotion to the Western League we are to install a new spectator stand.

Planning approval has been granted. Funding has been approved by the football foundation

Total Cost : £40,000.00

Water Bore Hole

Bore Hole is 75m Deep.

Now being used to irrigate the Youth and Adult pitches when required.

Images below show a comparison of the main pitch last summer with no borehole irrigation, and current state this summer with borehole irrigation.

Total Cost : £24,000.00 | Football Foundation Funding : £16800 | Sedgemoor District Council £2500 | Middlezoy Rovers £4700

Road Side Safety Fencing



These images are for the existing road side safety fencing. It will be replaced when the target amount is achieved.

Total cost £15832.69 | Funding : Football Foundation Funding £11875.51| Middlezoy Rovers : £3957.18

PA System

Outdoor Public Address System

With 6 Horn Speakers & Wireless Mic.

Total Cost £489.00 | Middlezoy Rovers FC £489.00

Mower and Quadraplay

Mower and Quadraplay system used for maintaining the pitches visual and working appeal.


LED Flood Lights

Total Cost £68,000 | Funding: Viridor Credits £60,000 | Middlezoy Rovers £8,000