Our vision

is to create an identifiable brand of attacking and exciting football, in which individual talents, creativity, decision-making and flair are strongly encouraged, in addition to good teamwork, core team play, ethic and respectful behaviour.

It will be our mission to produce:

A rounded, player-centred coaching environment to produce high-quality, technical and effective decision-making footballers.

Individuals who hold the correct values and characteristics expected by our club. Middlezoy Rovers football club will continually be “striking for excellence”.

Our Aims:

To provide organised Association Football for Adults and Children to play at the highest possible standard.

Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for both Players, Officials & Supporters.

To encourage proper attitudes to the game and to promote the highest values of sportsmanship.

Senior Teams

Senior Teams

Our Location:

Our ground borders the A372 and is clearly signposted.

What Three Words location: diamond.undertook.cheat

Our correct postcode is: TA7 0LZ

Club & Ground Layout

Ethan Berry Pavilion and Seating 2024

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